Backyard Putting Greens

Jean Zabriskie | 07/30/14

Rolling a golf ball with your hand is a good way to learn how much effort you need to use when hitting the ball. A synthetic putting green is easier to maintain that real bent grass putting greens.

Ann Shedesky | 07/30/14

Learning to control your putts is something you can practice on a backyard putting green.

Alexa Plate | 07/30/14

If putting is the weakness of your golf game, you need a backyard putting green in your backyard. You may not know that shanking is the act of hitting the ball too close to the rod of the club.

Christine Morrow | 07/28/14

You can buy a putting green dealership and make it a family owned business.

Annette Gremmels | 07/26/14

Be sure to distribute your weight evenly when putting on your backyard putting green.

Anthony Yazzolino | 07/25/14

Chipping is a big part of being successful as a golfer.

James Marcopoulos | 07/25/14

If you're looking for a great home based business when you retire, look into a synthetic grass turf business.

Heidi Mclaughlin | 07/25/14

Work at home business plans that include a backyard putting green business are very popular these days.

Elisabeth Clarke | 07/24/14

You need a special lawn mower to cut a real grass putting green.

Deborah Robinson | 07/23/14

Gripping the golf club too tightly will impact how your golf ball flies.

Angie Iaquinta | 07/23/14

Installing a chipping pad so you can practice chipping is something we can do with synthetic turf.

Cara Deforge | 07/23/14

Professional golfers practice their putts on synthetic turf putting greens.

Christa Smith | 07/22/14

If you're looking for a way to make extra money, you can become a dealer to install synthetic putting green and artificial grass products.

Jennifer Dismukes | 07/22/14

Installing synthetic turf putting greens in backyards is something we have done for many years.

Allen Smith | 07/20/14

You should be able to practice difficult putts on your artificial putting green any time.

Christy Buckingham | 07/18/14

Installing a synthetic putting green will add a lot of fun to your backyard entertainment.

Carl Staplekamp | 07/16/14

Keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground will help you avoid shanking.

Cathy Logan | 07/15/14

Millions of people play golf every day.

Cindi Wood | 07/14/14

Passing a putting green dealership down to your children is a great way to help them work from home.

Cindy Scottland | 07/13/14

Aligning the ball closer to your back foot will help you when hitting a golf ball.

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