Backyard Putting Greens

Jennifer Anderson | 07/21/14

You may not know that shanking is the act of hitting the ball too close to the rod of the club. You don't need to do much as far as maintenance when we install a synthetic turf putting green.

Elizabeth Oldridge | 07/20/14

Our synthetic grass putting greens need very little sand infill.

Anne Foley | 07/19/14

Putting is without a doubt the thing you need to master to be a good golfer.

Diane Urata | 07/19/14

Sinking putts is the biggest part of improving your golf game. If you have a backyard putting green and want to help others by installing them, you can be a synthetic grass turf business owners.

Dyoniczia Rovai | 07/19/14

Putting is a big part of everybody's golf game.

Emily Fornof | 07/19/14

Work at home business plans that include a backyard putting green business are very popular these days.

Enriqueta Garcia | 07/19/14

Learning to control your putts is something you can practice on a backyard putting green.

Carolyn Ramsey | 07/17/14

Putting in your backyard means you can practice any time you want.

Barbara Libby | 07/17/14

If you love golf, you will love it when you buy a synthetic grass turf business.

Elizabeth Taylor | 07/16/14

Rolling a golf ball with your hand is a good way to learn how much effort you need to use when hitting the ball.

Harry Wyeth | 07/14/14

Backyard golf on synthetic turf is something that's available to people of all ages. Installing a chipping pad so you can practice chipping is something we can do with synthetic turf.

Amy Brown | 07/13/14

If putting is the weakness of your golf game, you need a backyard putting green in your backyard.

Heidi Mclaughlin | 07/11/14

We can install a putting green in your backyard that takes very little maintenance.

James Jursch | 07/10/14

A good portion of the golf game is mental and demands patience.

Frederick Paugh | 07/10/14

Being able to sink a putt is something every golfer needs to practice. You can buy a putting green dealership and make it a family owned business.

Eunsook Park | 07/09/14

Installing synthetic turf putting greens in backyards is something we have done for many years.

Beverly Parker | 07/07/14

Taking golf lessons is a good idea, especially when you can practice in your own backyard.

Ann Livingston | 07/06/14

Golf is a sport requires skills, and you can improve those skills in your own backyard.

Bethany Yokom | 07/06/14

A synthetic putting green is easier to maintain that real bent grass putting greens.

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